Botanica Erotica: Kinky Plants for Pleasure, Pain, and Passion

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Green witches do it better. This class introduces you to the myriad of sexual adventures enhanced by using plants for kinky play.

Topics covered will include the use of herbal aphrodisiacs to assist with relaxation and dropping in, sensation and impact play toys using safe abundant and ethically harvested natural materials, natural first aid and aftercare, botanical sexual health support, and herbs to help prevent or mitigate the symptoms of drop.

Have the roses AND the thorns!

About the Educator!

Maeve McBride (she/they), is a clinical herbalist, green witch, published writer (Sexy Tea Service), and educator who has been exploring the intersections of kink, sacred sex, plants, and magick for nearly 20 years.

A fun, sensual, compassionate, switch-witch, Maeve enjoys empowering folx of all persuasions to find their own sacred selves using mind/body techniques, plant preparations, manifestation tools, goal setting, and anatomy geekery; to explore their bodies, heal trauma and shame, and dive into to the depths of their desires. She enjoys teaching classes, working with clients in private consultation, and formulating plant potions for health, vitality, healing, and pleasure.

Maeve loves working with newbies, people with trauma histories that inhibit their sexual joy, exhausted parents, enthusiastic consenters, folx who experience chronic pain, disability, and illness that affects their pleasure, and anyone who wants to improve their erotic lives.

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, her personal pleasures include gardening naked, dancing around a fire all night, rescuing animals of all sorts, camping, singing, telling naughty jokes, and reading tarot cards, listing things in sentence form with lots of commas...and of course... KINK!

If you have more questions please visit her site at or reach out to Maeve directly.

  • An MP4 recording of the 2 hour class and a 12 page handout.

  • An MP4 recording of the 2 hour class and a 12 page handout.
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Botanica Erotica: Kinky Plants for Pleasure, Pain, and Passion

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