Kinky Home Ec: Intro to Service Submission

Sub Rosa PDX
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This is a recording of the first in a series of classes lead by Mischief Morningstar about service submission. Most classes will take place in Portland Oregon at Sub Rosa PDX.

Introducing The Kinky Home Ex Series

Are you a service submissive looking to expand your skills? Curious about what it’s like to be in a service-based D/s dynamic? Not sure what service submission is exactly but intrigued at the idea?

Then this is the class for you! Kinky Home Ec is an ongoing educational series which deep dives into the “how-to” and “why” of kink based service skills, from leather care to massage techniques to basic DIY repairs and beyond. Each month will feature experts who will share their knowledge with our SUB-stitute teacher - Mischief Morningstar on everyday ways you can make yourself more desirable as a service submissive. You will leave each class with a new skill, as well as insight into your role as a service submissive.

January's Class

In this first edition, we will explore what service submission is and the ways it can enrich your life and the life of your dominant(s). Mistress Viola Parker and Princessa Natasha Strange will give their perspectives on what service submission means to them, and what service skills are most fulfilling for them. We will also be asking YOU, our attendees, what skills you want to learn, or wish you knew more about so you can help shape the series moving forward. While each class will provide ample opportunity for discussion, this one will be heavily discussion based.

Meet your Kinky Home Ec SUB-stitute teacher Mischief Morningstar

  • A 2 hours video recording (mp4) of Kinky Home Ec: Intro to Service Submission

  • Size
    2.2 GB
  • Duration
    109 minutes
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    2736 x 1824 px
  • A 2 hours video recording (mp4) of Kinky Home Ec: Intro to Service Submission
  • Size2.2 GB
  • Duration109 minutes
  • Resolution2736 x 1824 px


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Kinky Home Ec: Intro to Service Submission

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